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WIX Website Maintenance Plans

We've built and evolved our Wix Maintenance plans over the years to cater to small businesses who need and want a good website that is up-to-date and secure but don't have the time and/or skills to do it themselves.

Why should I consider a Wix Maintenance plan?

A website maintained by a professional is a great investment in a marketing platform you’ve already invested in. Benefits of a professionally maintained website include.


Improved Security

Keeping the software, plugins, and code on your website up to date helps to protect your website and your website visitors. An untrustworthy website caused by a lack of security can make a big dent in your online reputation.


Better Visitor Experience

Keeping the content on your website updated, and making sure there are no broken links (links to pages that no longer work), keeps your customers engaged and helps to make sure they don’t get frustrated and go to your competitors’ better-maintained website.


Higher Rank on Google

Google cares about where it sends its users. If your website is well maintained and up to date, Google will know it can send users to your site and they will find the results they are searching for.

What's Included

  • Monthly WIX Website

    Every month
    • Unlimited Content Updates
    • Monthly Website Check Up
    • Monthly Consultations
    • Platform & Industry Updates
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